Fusing: In my spare time, what little I have of it, I enjoy glass fusing. This is the process where glass is fused together in a kiln. I have been taking a lot of classes at Helios Kiln Glass Studio. Check out some of my pieces on my blog (will open in new window).


Wine: I have a passion for good wine, especially when paired with great food. Not only do Doug and I collect wines (ask us about the 1998 Chateau de Beaucastels -- later this year we can finally start decanting them), we've been known to make wines. I'm vice president of The Women of Wine and the Men Who Adore Them, a monthly wine-tasting group. Doug and I like visiting wineries and have gone to most of the Texas Hill Country wineries. My favorite trip, however, was May 2006 when we went to Napa. Check out photos from our trip.